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I am serious about you! I want a beautiful and young Christian wife from China with transferable skills to work in USA and China. I would like to help my future wife establish her businesses in both USA and China. ===

I like the idea of living in both cities. Again, I need for you to make sure that your parents and friends will approve of our marriage. Parental and friend’s approval are very critical in this kind of relationship. I understand the parental and friend influences on your culture! ===

In my profile, I am a business owner. I have a medical insurance and financial planning business. I am semi-retired with a lot of corporate, government and high education experiences. ===

In my profile, I state that YOU MUST BE CHRISTIAN. I am very serious about my faith in Jesus Christ and my work at Lakewood Church with Pastor Joel Osteen. This is very important to me. I want you to be a part of my Christian work life. ===

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