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hi .. I should have written this earlier ... I am 65 years, divorced, no kids, live alone, isolated and lonely ha . My appearance was ok a couple of years ago, but from January 2018 I have been fighting an aggressive skin cancer which has required 5 surgeries and lots of radiotherapy. The plastic surgery to my face was to save my life, not to enhance my appearance, so now my face is disfigured and not so handsome. Photos from 2 years ago would reveal a man who looked early 50s, now I am not sure what I look like ha. Anyway, that is honest and I do not hide my reality. I do not look to trick nor deceive, I do not know my future, my medical prognosis remains unclear. I am not wealthy and live in small rural town in Tasmania, having lived most of my life in Sydney. Such is life.

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the doctor told me some surprising news the other day ... it seems the recent surgery has temporarily stopped the cancer ... so now I am making arrangements to travel to China in October/November ... it will be my 11th travel to China, and I am looking forward to it very much

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